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Junagadh Corporation
Junagadh, Gujarat, India
Junagadh City information - Junagadh Hotels, Schools, Pincode, Banks & ATMs, Corporation, Railway, Bus, Travels, Tourist Places, Spiritual Places and Junagadh Directory.
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Jain Derasar - Junagadh Tourism

Jain Derasar

Tourist Information

Situated on the first plateau of Mount Girnar at the height of about 3000 steps, these temples of Jainism have marvelous carvings in marble, which can be compared to those of Delwada near Mount Abu. Junagadh city also has a small Jain Derasar in Jagmal Chowk near Uparkot Fort.

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Mahendrabhai Mashru (M.L.A.)
A very good website dedicated to this ancient city. It covers all the aspects of tourist sites, educational institutions , commercial and industrial centres, information relating to corporation and various facilities. It is a very handy tool to find out any information about this city and its surroundings. Very adorable efforts made by its creators.
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